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Meat Tuscan Meat Loaf (Meat recipe)
added on Dec 28, 2007
tags: bake, basil, beef, italian, loaf, meat, oregano, parsley, steak, tuscan
Main Dish Lasagna Cacciatore (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 1, 2008
tags: autumn, bake, cacciatore, chicken, italian, lasagna, main, noodles, poultry
Meat Cheese Meatballs (Meat recipe)
added on Jan 1, 2008
tags: bake, beef, cheese, italian, main, meat, meatballs, party, spring
Main Dish Chicken Broccoli (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 1, 2008
tags: autumn, bake, broccoli, cheese, chicken, italian, main, party, poultry
Main Dish Pork Orange Sauce (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 1, 2008
tags: european, fry, main, orange, party, pork, sauce, winter
Pasta 3 Cheese Pasta (Pasta recipe)
added on Jan 3, 2008
tags: cheese, italian, main, party, pasta, winter
Soups Avocado Green Chili (Soup recipe)
added on Jan 5, 2008
tags: avocado, blender, chili, european, green, sherry, soup, vegetable
Pasta Veggie Lasagna (Pasta recipe)
added on Jan 6, 2008
tags: bake, european, lasagna, main, noodles, pasta, veggie
Appetizers Baked Avocado (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 8, 2008
tags: appetizer, avocado, bake, caribbean, party, starter, vegetable
Appetizers Beet Relish (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 8, 2008
tags: appetizer, bake, beet, entree, european, party, relish, starter, vegetable
Main Dish Pork with Orange Sauce (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 12, 2008
tags: american, easter, fry, healthy, main, meat, orange, pork, sauce, worcestershire
Fish Grilled Fish Steaks (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 14, 2008
tags: american, barbecue, fish, grilled, halibut, hanukkah, healthy, main, marinade, steaks
Lunch Turkey Burgers (Lunch recipe)
added on Jan 15, 2008
tags: american, burgers, fry, lunch, main, meat, party, poultry, turkey
Main Dish Chicken Enchiladas (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 16, 2008
tags: american, bake, cheese, chicken, easter, enchiladas, european, healthy, main
Appetizers Amazing Bruschetta (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 16, 2008
tags: amazing, appetizer, bake, bread, bruschetta, cheese, entree, italian, italian-lunch, lunch, parmesan, party, snack
Fish Spanish Baked Monkfish (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 17, 2008
tags: bake, baked, blender, christmas, european, fish, leek, lunch, main, monkfish, party, spanish
Main Dish Paella (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 18, 2008
tags: chicken, european, main, party, rice, sauce, seafood, shrimp, soup, spanish, vegetable
Side Dish Farofa (Side Dish recipe)
added on Jan 23, 2008
tags: brazilian, breakfast, farofa, manioc, saute, side, side-dish, vegan
Pasta Pasta Fagioli (Pasta recipe)
added on Jan 30, 2008
tags: beans, cannellini, cheese, chicken, fagioli, italian, parmesan, pasta, soup, tomato, traditional
Seafood Seafood Enchiladas (Seafood recipe)
added on Jan 29, 2008
tags: bake, caribbean, cheese, colby, crabmeat, enchiladas, healthy, lunch, main, mexican, pie, prawn, seafood, shellfish, shrimp
Fish Red Snapper Livornese (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 27, 2008
tags: bake, caribbean, fish, french, greek, healthy, italian, livornese, main, olives, seafood, snapper
Meat Italian Rubbed Pork Chops (Meat recipe)
added on Feb 13, 2008
tags: bake, chops, christmas, easter, garlic, hanukkah, italian, main, meat, oregano, parsley, pork, rubbed
Garnishes Green Rice Dish (Garnish recipe)
added on Feb 20, 2008
tags: asian, butter, cheddar, cheese, egg, garnish, green, healthy, japanese, onion, parsley, rice, side, vegetable
Meat Beef Stew (Meat recipe)
added on Feb 28, 2008
tags: american, beef, carrot, european, healthy, main, meat, mushroom, onion, parsley, potato, sirloin, stew, vegetable
Meat Armenian Lamb Shanks (Meat recipe)
added on Feb 29, 2008
tags: armenian, cornstarch, eastern, lamb, main, meat, party, rice, shanks, vegetable
Salads Carrot Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Feb 29, 2008
tags: carrot, coriander, cumin, european, garlic, healthy, parsley, salad, seed, starter, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian
Main Dish Coddle (Main Dish recipe)
added on Mar 8, 2008
tags: coddle, ham, healthy, irish, lunch, main, onion, parsley, party, patrick, pork, sausage, soup, vegetable
Side Dish Czech Summer Kohlrabi (Side Dish recipe)
added on Mar 9, 2008
tags: butter, czech, dairy, european, healthy, kohlrabi, lunch, milk, onion, parsley, side, side-dish, stew, summer
Main Dish Armenian Dolma (Main Dish recipe)
added on Apr 6, 2008
tags: armenian, dolma, eastern, healthy, lunch, main, rice, vegetable
Main Dish Cabbage Dolma (Main Dish recipe)
added on Apr 6, 2008
tags: bake, cabbage, dolma, eastern, healthy, lunch, main, rice, vegetable
Snacks Cheesy Garlic Bread (Snack recipe)
added on Apr 9, 2008
tags: bake, bread, cheese, cheesy, european, garlic, lunch, snack
Soups French Vegan Onion Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Apr 17, 2008
tags: bread, european, french, healthy, lunch, onion, scallion, soup, soya, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian
Main Dish Mushroom Ragout (Main Dish recipe)
added on Apr 24, 2008
tags: european, healthy, italian, italian-lunch, lunch, main, mushroom, ragout, salad, snack, stew, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian
Casserole Provencal Beef and Potato Pie (Casserole recipe)
added on Jun 23, 2008
tags: beef, casserole, european, healthy, main, meat, pie, potato, provencal, vegetable
Meat Christmas Ham Balls (Meat recipe)
added on Dec 15, 2008
tags: balls, cheese, christmas, european, ham, healthy, jul, lunch, main, meat, party, smorgasbord, sweden, swedish, xmas
Appetizers Crab Dip (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 6, 2009
tags: appetizer, cheese, crab, crabmeat, cream, dip, horseradish
Pizza Puttanesca (Pizza recipe)
added on May 12, 2009
tags: anchovy, bake, dough, italian, main, parsley, pepperoni, pizza, puttanesca, red-hot-pepper, romano, sauce
Fish Citrus Baked Halibut (Fish recipe)
added on Nov 5, 2010
tags: baked, citrus, fish, garlic, halibut, healthy, lemon, orange, parsley, party
Appetizers Savory Stuffing (Appetizer recipe)
added on Nov 16, 2009
tags: appetizer, bake, basil, cheese, entree, hot, parsley, rhodes, rolls, sausage, savory, spicy, stick, stuffing, sugar, sweet, thyme, tomato
Pasta Low-fat pasta carbonara (Pasta recipe)
added on Jan 19, 2010
tags: carbonara, cheese, european, italian, low-fat, main, noodles, parmesan, party, pasta, pork
Pasta Mushroom Tagliatelle (Pasta recipe)
added on Apr 29, 2010
tags: garlic, mushroom, parsley, tagliatelle, tomato, vegetarian
Soups Seafood Stew (Soup recipe)
added on May 2, 2010
tags: calvados, christmas, fish, french, healthy, parsley, seafood, soup, stew, stock
Lunch Kuku Sabzi (Lunch recipe)
added on May 26, 2010
tags: bake, chives, coriander, egg, frittata, healthy, herb, iranian, kuku, lavash, lunch, oven, party, persian, picnics, sabzi, side-dish
Seafood Fried Calamari (Seafood recipe)
added on Sep 26, 2010
tags: calamari, european, fried, italian, parsley, party, sauce, seafood, squid, starter
Seafood Calamari Ripieni (Seafood recipe)
added on Oct 23, 2010
tags: calamari, crabmeat, entree, grill, party, ripieni, seafood, shallots, shellfish, shrimp, starter
Pasta Bacon Pasta (Pasta recipe)
added on Nov 13, 2010
tags: bacon, cheese, garlic, italian, onion, parmesan, parsley, party, pasta, penne, pork, spiral
Salads Red Cabbage Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Nov 21, 2010
tags: cabbage, entree, honey, juice, parsley, red, rice, salad, starter, vegetable, vinegar, vitamin, zucchini
Main Dish Zucchini Fritters (Main Dish recipe)
added on Nov 22, 2010
tags: cheese, feta, flour, fritters, main, mint, papricka, parsley, scallions, zucchini
Main Dish Tabouli (Main Dish recipe)
added on Nov 22, 2010
tags: alfalfa, bell-pepper, bulgur, cucumber, main, parsley, red-pepper, scallions, tabouli
Meat Rabbit boiled with onions (Meat recipe)
added on Nov 22, 2010
tags: boiled, cream, dairy, healthy, marjoram, meat, nutmeg, onions, parsley, rabbit, sage, thyme
Soups Feijoada (Soup recipe)
added on Nov 26, 2010
tags: authentic, bacon, brasil, brazilian, feijoada, flavor, panseta, pork, sausage, soup, veal
Soups Winter Vegetable Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Dec 10, 2010
tags: barley, bay, british, carrot, celery, chicken, healthy, parsnip, pearl, soup, stock, vegetable, wine, winter
Appetizers Easy Hummus (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 20, 2011
tags: appetizer, chickpeas, cumin, eastern, easy, healthy, hummus, lemon, parsley, tahini, vitamin
Casserole Cauliflower Casserole (Casserole recipe)
added on Jan 21, 2011
tags: bacon, casserole, cauliflower, cheddar, cheese, chives, cream, easy, healthy, vegetable
Bread Blue Cheese Pull Apart Loaf (Bread recipe)
added on Jan 26, 2011
tags: american, bake, bread, dairy-free, healthy, main, spring
Sauces White Parsley Sauce (Sauce recipe)
added on Feb 7, 2011
tags: butter, cheese, chicken, healthy, milk, parmesan, parsley, sauce, stock, white
Salads Chicken Parsley Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Feb 22, 2011
tags: boil, chicken, healthy, light, lunch, oil, parsley, poultry, salad, sauce, sesame, soya-sauce
Salads Parsley Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Feb 25, 2011
tags: cheese, dressing, feta, healthy, parsley, salad, starter, tomato, vegetable, vegetarian
Soups Bramboracka [in English] (Soup recipe)
added on Feb 27, 2011
tags: bramboracka, carrot, czech, lard, marjoram, potatoes, soup
Pasta Anchovy Pasta (Pasta recipe)
added on Mar 2, 2011
tags: anchovies, anchovy, chilli, fish, flakes, italian, lemon, parsley, pasta, zest
Meat Irish Stew (Meat recipe)
added on Mar 2, 2011
tags: beef, carrot, european, gaelach, healthy, irish, meat, onion, parsley, party, patrick, potato, stew, vegetable
Soups Monkfish Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Mar 5, 2011
tags: bay, boil, fish, leek, monkfish, saffron, soup, thyme, white-wine, zest
Sauces Anchovy Sauce (Sauce recipe)
added on Mar 8, 2011
tags: anchovy, easy, european, garlic, oil, olive, parsley, pepper, red-pepper, sauce
Poultry Chicken Puttanesca (Poultry recipe)
added on Mar 17, 2011
tags: anchovy, capers, chicken, cutlets, kalamata, mediterranean, olives, parsley, poultry, puttanesca
Sauces Vegan Puttanesca Sauce (Sauce recipe)
added on Mar 31, 2011
tags: capers, garlic, italian, olive, parsley, party, pasta, puttanesca, sauce, spaghetti, tomato, vegan
Drinks Parsley Tea (Drink recipe)
added on Jul 19, 2011
tags: drink, healthy, parsley, pregnancy-friendly, pregnant, tea, urinary, uterine-stimulant
Salads Greek Orzo Pasta Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Jul 19, 2011
tags: artichoke, cheese, cucumber, feta, greek, kalamata, olives, orzo, pasta, pitted, red-onion, salad
Pasta Creamy Chicken Pasta (Pasta recipe)
added on Jul 30, 2011
tags: bacon, cheese, chicken, creamy, healthy, italian, parmesan, pasta, poultry
Pasta Macaroni Grill Chicken (Pasta recipe)
added on Aug 7, 2011
tags: butter, chicken, grill, italian, lemon, macaroni, mushroom, oil, parsley, party, pasta, sauce, white-wine
Breakfast Chanterelle Omelets (Breakfast recipe)
added on Oct 10, 2011
tags: bake, breakfast, chanterelle, eggs, leaves, mushroom, omelets, shallot, tarragon, tasty
Pasta Pasta ai fiori di zucca (Pasta recipe)
added on Nov 11, 2011
tags: cheese, fiori, flowers, italian, parmesan, parsley, pasta, saffron, zucca, zucchini
Poultry Oven roasted turkey (Poultry recipe)
added on Nov 23, 2011
tags: american, bake, healthy, main, oven, poultry, roasted, thanksgiving, turkey
Fish Trout and Asparagus Pie (Fish recipe)
added on Feb 18, 2012
tags: and, asparagus, bake, british, cheese, dairy, fish, healthy, light, mascarpone, pie, ricotta, trout
Unsorted Herb Baguettes (Unsorted recipe)
added on Mar 2, 2012
tags: advance, american, autumn, bake, baking, bread, children
Bread Cream Cheese Onion Swirls (Bread recipe)
added on Apr 13, 2012
tags: american, bake, baking, bread, cheese, cream, new, onion, recipe, rhodes, spring, swirls
Snacks Herring In Sour Cream (Snack recipe)
added on Jun 7, 2012
tags: european, fish, grietine, herring, light, lithuanian, padazas, silke, snack, sour-cream, starter
Poultry Turkey Tonnato (Poultry recipe)
added on Jul 17, 2012
tags: anchovy, capers, dish, fillets, healthy, italian, meat, party, poultry, tonnato, turkey, vitello
Desserts Garden Salad Pizza (Dessert recipe)
added on Aug 3, 2012
tags: american, bake, baking, bread, dessert, garden, new, pizza, recipe, rhodes, salad, summer, vegetable
Main Dish Asparagus Potato Leek Ragout (Main Dish recipe)
added on Aug 5, 2012
tags: american, asparagus, healthy, leek, main, mushrooms, potato, ragout, vegetable
Soups Cod Stew with Tomato and Parsley (Soup recipe)
added on Jun 6, 2013
tags: cod, fish, italian, parsley, soup, stew, tomato, vine
Main Dish Dolma (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jun 16, 2013
tags: beef, dolma, greek, healthy, main, mediterranean, summer
Appetizers Dressed Herring Salad (Appetizer recipe)
added on Dec 13, 2013
tags: appetizer, beet, carrot, dressed, european, fish, herring, mayonnaise, party, potato, salad, vegetable
Snacks Eggs stuffed with tuna (Snack recipe)
added on Apr 13, 2015
tags: cheese, easter, eggs, lettuce, parmigiano, parsley, party, reggiano, snack, starter, stuffed, tuna
Appetizers Twisted Meatball Subs (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jun 8, 2015
tags: american, appetizer, baking, cheese, dinner, family, kids, marinara, meat, meatball, oven, rhodes, rolls, subs