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Chicken & Biscuit Bake recipe (Bread)

Yield: 12 Servings

12   Rhodes Southern Style or Buttermilk Biscuits, thawed but still cold
tablespoons vegetable oil
1   large onion
3   carrots, peeled and sliced
2   stalks celery, sliced
4 tablespoons butter
½ cups flour
cups milk
2 cups chicken broth
2 teaspoons poultry seasoning
4 cups rotisserie chicken, shredded
3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley
salt & pepper to taste

Posted by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv on Feb 28, 2014


Heat the oil in a 3 quart sauce pan. Add onion, carrots and celery and saute until tender. Set vegetables aside with chicken. In the same sauce pan, melt butter then stir in flour and simmer for 1 minute while stirring. Combine milk, chicken broth, and poultry seasoning and slowly add to flour mixture while stirring. Simmer for a few minutes until thicker. Salt and pepper to taste. Take the pan off the burner and add vegetables and chicken, coating everything well. Stir in the parsley. Pour the filling into a sprayed 9x13-inch baking pan. Bake at 400°F 18 minutes. Remove from oven and put the 12 thawed biscuits, spaced evenly, on top of the bubbling mixture. Bake for another 10-15 minutes or until biscuits are golden brown.

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