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Monkfish recipes

Best Monkfish recipes - easy recipes for Monkfish - healthy recipes with Monkfish

Monkfish (also known as goosefish) is a kind of sea fish from the northwest Atlantic.
Fish monkfish recipe Monkfish in Parma Ham is made with monkfish tail, slices of parma ham, cloves garlic peeled, red wine, and olive oil .
Fish monkfish recipes added by RiVD on Mar 10, 2011
Monkfish Curry is a fish monkfish recipe created of monkfish, some salt and pepper, chopped garlic cloves, chopped onions, grated carrots, small green chili, olive oil, white wine, cognac, tomato juice, curry powder, sugar, and sour cream.
Fish monkfish recipes added by Margo on Mar 8, 2011
Monkfish Soup is a soup monkfish recipe created of monkfish cut into chunks, potatoes cut into cubes, tomatoes peeled and chopped, onion finely chopped, cloves garlic finely chopped, sprigs fresh parsley, sprigs orange zest, sprigs fresh thyme, bay leaf, stalks celery diced, leek thinly sliced, saffron threads, hot paprika, dry white wine, and water.
Soup monkfish recipes added by RiVD on Mar 5, 2011
BBC Monkfish with Curried Mussels is a fish monkfish recipe created of tail monkfish, mussels, sprigs thyme, bay leaves, dry white wine, carrot, small sliced leek, small sliced stick celery, curry powder, saffron strands, mild curry powder mixed with 4 tspn salt, baby spinach, double cream, some chopped handful coriander, and some butter.
Fish monkfish recipes added by MollyDD on Mar 3, 2011
Cloves garlic peeled, medium onion peeled and coarsely chopped, finely chopped leek, fish broth, dry white wine, licor 43 (a brilliant clear golden liqueur with the, chopped parsley, some salt to taste, olive oil, monkfish fillets, and lemon slices for garnish are used to cook Spanish Baked Monkfish fish monkfish recipe.
Fish monkfish recipes added by Irene on Jan 17, 2008
Monkfish dishes belong to marine delicacies. The texture and taste of the tail meat of monkfish is sometimes compared to lobster tail.
Monk fish recipes are especially popular in Japan and Korea.