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Champagne recipes

Strawberry Champagne Punch is a drink champagne recipe created of sparkling champagne, fruit punch, ginger ale, orange juice, fresh strawberries, raspberry sherbet, and vanilla ice cream.
Drink champagne recipes added by Caroline on Nov 8, 2010
Pasta champagne recipe Champagne Shrimp and Pasta is made with angel hair pasta, champagne, shrimp, heavy cream, fresh mushrooms sliced, fresh parsley chopped, minced shallots, some salt, extra virgin olive oil, and some parmesan cheese.
Pasta champagne recipes added by Irene on Jan 29, 2009
For Ginger Champagne you will need strips pickled ginger, ice cubes, fluid ounce vodka, and champagne to make this drink champagne recipe.
Drink champagne recipes added by Kristine on Feb 24, 2008