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Bean recipes

Best Bean recipes - easy Bean recipes - healthy Bean recipes

Fish bean recipe Black Bean and Salmon Tostadas is made with alaskan salmon, avocado, corn tortillas, some canola oil, minced pickled jalapeños, pickling juice from the jar, coleslaw mix, chopped cilantro, black beans, sour cream, salsa, chopped scallions, and some lime wedges.
Fish bean recipes added by RiVD on May 17, 2012
Snack bean recipe Chorizo Pinto Bean Nachos is made with ground mexican-style chorizo, chopped jalapeno, minced garlic cloves, minced small onion, olive oil, chili powder, cumin, some salt and pepper, pinto beans, butter, flour, milk, and habanero cheddar cheese.
Snack bean recipes added by Caroline on Feb 15, 2011
Main Dish
For Mexican Black Bean Bake you will need oil, medium onions chopped, cloves garlic minced, 4 oz. cans chopped green chillies, chili powder, black beans cooked & drained, salt, med. bag corn chips, red enchilada sauce, black olives sliced, cheddar cheese shredded, and med. red pepper thinly sliced to make this main dish bean recipe.
Main dish bean recipes added by Johanna on Nov 21, 2010
Side Dish
Mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, cooked cut green beans, some black pepper, and french fried onions are used to cook Thanksgiving Green Bean Casseroles side dish bean recipe.
Side dish bean recipes added by MollyDD on Nov 9, 2010
For Portuguese Bean Soup you will need ham bones, portuguese sausages, dried kidney beans, sliced onions, boiling water, macaroni, chopped tomatoes, sliced heads white cabbage, sliced carrots, beef broth, some basil, and some pepper to make this soup bean recipe.
Soup bean recipes added by Joan2007 on Oct 11, 2010
Dried beans, chicken bouillon powder, dried minced onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, dried parsley, celery seeds, brown sugar, diced tomatoes, and sliced sausage are used to cook Bean Soup with Tomatoes and Sausage soup bean recipe.
Soup bean recipes added by Caroline on Oct 6, 2010
Velveeta Easy Red Beans & Rice is a lunch bean recipe created of turkey smoked sausage sliced halved, velveeta pasteurized cheese product, kidney beans drained rinsed, diced tomatoes and green chilies undrained, white rice uncooked, and chili powder.
Lunch bean recipes added by Art99 on Dec 12, 2008
Side Dish
Side dish bean recipe Beans Bourguignon is made with shallots, button mushrooms, vegan margarine, red wine, some bouquet garni, cloves garlic, tomato purée, mixed beans, and vegetarian gravy granules.
Side dish bean recipes added by Irene on Apr 22, 2008
Lean ground beef, chopped onion, diced green bell pepper, whole kernel corn, taco sauce, chili powder, garlic salt, ground cumin, refried beans, flour tortillas, shredded monterey jack cheese, butter melted, some shredded lettuce, and tomato diced are used to cook Beef and Bean Chimichangas meat bean recipe.
Meat bean recipes added by Irene on Feb 11, 2008
Spanish Bean Soup is a soup bean recipe created of medium onion minced, cloves garlic minced, medium bell pepper chopped, vigo olive oil, chorizo, smoked ham, vigo paprika, garbanzos, medium potatoes diced 1/2 inch, some salt to taste, and some vigo flavoring and coloring for yellow rice.
Soup bean recipes added by Irene on Jan 18, 2008
White beans canned or fresh cooked like cannelini, large ripe tomatoes cubed, spanish olives green sliced, tarragon minced, green onions chopped, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, cloves garlic minced, and some salt and pepper to taste are used to cook White Bean Salad salad bean recipe.
Salad bean recipes added by Irene on Jan 17, 2008
Chicken with Black Beans and Rice is a casserole bean recipe created of olive oil, finely chopped onion, medium cloves garlic peeled & minced, chicken broth, chili style stewed tomatoes, cooked diced chicken, black beans drained, salt, some freshly ground pepper to taste, cumin or to taste, and long grain rice uncooked.
Casserole bean recipes added by Irene on Jan 12, 2008
For Original Green Bean Casserole you will need cream of mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, pepper, cut green beans cooked, and french fried onions to make this casserole bean recipe.
Casserole bean recipes added by Irene on Jan 3, 2008
Lunch bean recipe Falafel Wraps is made with mixed beans, chickpeas, lemon, harissa, allspice, plain flour, coriander, and some olive oil.
Lunch bean recipes added by Vireja69 on Aug 24, 2013
Bread bean recipe BBQ Bear Buns is made with rhodes texas™ rolls thawed but still cold, egg beaten, hamburger browned and drained, bbq sauce, and can baked beans drained.
Bread bean recipes added by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv on Jun 28, 2013
Fasoolya bi zeit is a lunch bean recipe created of green beans, tomatoes, finely chopped onion, cilantro, cloves of crushed garlic, some olive oil, and some salt and pepper.
Lunch bean recipes added by RiVD on Jul 31, 2011
Main Dish
Buddha's Delight is a main dish bean recipe created of bamboo shoots, lotus root, straw mushrooms, dried bean curd skin sticks, dried wood ears, dried tiger lily bulbs, dried black moss, oil, cornstarch mixed with 1 tablespoon cold water, light soy sauce, sugar, salt, and sesame oil for garnish.
Main dish bean recipes added by RiVD on Apr 4, 2011
Main Dish
Lean pork shoulder, fresh cut green beans, diced tomatoes in juices, tomato paste, green pepper chopped, onion chopped, some salt and pepper, rice, boiling water, orzo, pine nuts, butter, and some salt are used to cook Syrian Lubi and Rice main dish bean recipe.
Main dish bean recipes added by RiVD on Mar 25, 2011
Basic Hummus is a appetizer bean recipe created of chick peas soaked overnight, some sea salt, peeled garlic cloves, tahini, and lemon juice.
Appetizer bean recipes added by MollyDD on Feb 24, 2011
Halibut cut into strips, taco shells, iceberg lettuce shredded, refried bean heated, tomatoes cored and diced, flour, eggs beaten, freshly-ground black pepper, salt, and some oil to fry halibut are used to cook Halibut Tacos fish bean recipe.
Fish bean recipes added by RiVD on Feb 24, 2011

Best Bean dishes - easy Bean dishes - healthy Bean dishes

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