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Leaves recipes

Main Dish
Main dish leaves recipe Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves) is made with grape leaves, rice, tomato paste, onion finely minced, dried currant, pine nuts, cinnamon, mint, allspice, olive oil, and some lemon wedge.
Main dish leaves recipes added by Irene on Apr 4, 2008
Breakfast leaves recipe Chanterelle Omelets is made with chopped chanterelles, creme fratche, oil, eggs, minced shallot, butter, some salt, water, chives, chervil leaves, tarragon leaves, and parsley leaves.
Breakfast leaves recipes added by Caroline on Oct 10, 2011
Microwave leaves recipe Microwave Cauliflower Pick-Ups is made with head cauliflower florets, butter, bread crumbs, grated parmesan cheese, tarragon leaves, paprika, and some salt and pepper.
Microwave leaves recipes added by Kristine on Oct 28, 2010