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Ecomonic recipes

Pasta ecomonic recipe Baked Tuna Macaroni is made with albacore tuna, whole wheat elbow macaroni, canola oil, diced onion, jar pasta sauce, chopped spinach, grated parmesan cheese, some salt and pepper, and some bread crumbs.
Pasta ecomonic recipes added by Margo on Nov 8, 2010
Soup ecomonic recipe Chicken Soup with Orzo is made with chicken breast, diced onion, minced clove of garlic, sliced carrots, chopped stalks of celery, orzo, chicken broth, some salt and pepper, some marjoram thyme basil sage tarragon, and some oil.
Soup ecomonic recipes added by MollyDD on Nov 5, 2010
For Tilapia With Dijon and Panko Coating you will need tilapia fillets, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, panko, paprika, dried parsley flakes, onion powder, and some salt and pepper to make this fish ecomonic recipe.
Fish ecomonic recipes added by MollyDD on Oct 28, 2010