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Appetizers Antipasta (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 2, 2008
tags: antipasta, appetizer, european, fish, marinade, party, starters, summer
Appetizers Almond Potatoes (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 2, 2008
tags: almond, appetizer, european, marinade, party, potatoes, starters, summer, vegetable
Casserole Artichoke Casserole (Casserole recipe)
added on Jan 3, 2008
tags: artichoke, autumn, bake, beef, casserole, european, main, meat, party
Soups Avocado Green Chili (Soup recipe)
added on Jan 5, 2008
tags: avocado, blender, chili, european, green, sherry, soup, vegetable
Appetizers Barbeque Wings (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 8, 2008
tags: appetizer, barbeque, chicken, dijon, grill, mexican, mustard, party, poultry, starter, wings
Appetizers Marinated Onions (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 12, 2008
tags: american, appetizer, marinade, marinated, onions, side, starter, vegetable
Fish Grilled Fish Steaks (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 14, 2008
tags: american, barbecue, fish, grilled, halibut, hanukkah, healthy, main, marinade, steaks
Fish Fish in Foil (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 14, 2008
tags: american, christmas, fillets, fish, grill, hanukkah, healthy, main, rainbow, trout
Main Dish African Curry (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jan 16, 2008
tags: african, chicken, curry, main, mozambique, party, vegetable
Fish Spanish Baked Monkfish (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 17, 2008
tags: bake, baked, blender, christmas, european, fish, leek, lunch, main, monkfish, party, spanish
Appetizers Mozzarella Prosciutto (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 23, 2008
tags: appetizer, cheese, chives, ciliegine, entree, italian, mozzarella, prosciutto, starter
Fish Barbecued Alaskan Salmon (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 28, 2008
tags: alaskan, american, barbecue, barbecued, fish, healthy, main, salmon, seafood, steak, summer
Cookies Love Letters (Cookie recipe)
added on Jan 27, 2008
tags: american, bake, baking, cherries, cookies, cream, day, dessert, european, fruit, healthy, lemon, letters, love, orange, party, valentines, zest
Fish Red Snapper Livornese (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 27, 2008
tags: bake, caribbean, fish, french, greek, healthy, italian, livornese, main, olives, seafood, snapper
Fish Poached Tuna Steaks (Fish recipe)
added on Jan 27, 2008
tags: caribbean, fish, gluten-free, greek, main, poached, seafood, steaks, tuna
Drinks Sangria (Drink recipe)
added on Jan 26, 2008
tags: alcoholic, berries, beverage, drink, fruit, party, sangria, spanish, summer, summertime
Soups Avocado Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Feb 9, 2008
tags: avocado, blender, caribbean, curry, healthy, juice, lemon, lunch, soup, vegetable
Meat Pork Chop and Feta Skillet (Meat recipe)
added on Feb 13, 2008
tags: american, cheese, chop, christmas, easter, european, feta, fry, main, meat, party, pork, skillet
Microwave Microwave Lemon Curd (Microwave recipe)
added on Feb 18, 2008
tags: american, butter, christmas, curd, dessert, easter, eggs, healthy, juice, lemon, microwave, thanksgiving
Desserts Bake Sale Lemon Bars (Dessert recipe)
added on Feb 23, 2008
tags: american, bake, baking, bars, children, christmas, cookies, dessert, easter, egg, fruit, lemon, party, sale
Seafood Orzo with Shrimp (Seafood recipe)
added on Feb 29, 2008
tags: basil, european, garlic, healthy, lemon-juice, main, onion, orzo, parmesan, party, seafood, shellfish, shrimp, tomato
Meat Flekovsky Goulash (Meat recipe)
added on Mar 8, 2008
tags: beef, czech, european, flekovsky, garlic, goulash, healthy, lemon, main, meat, onion, paprika, stew, tomato, vegetable
Meat Citrus Crocked Ham (Meat recipe)
added on Mar 10, 2008
tags: ale, american, bake, christmas, citrus, cloves, crocked, easter, european, fruit, ginger, ham, lemon, main, meat, orange, party, slow
Desserts Galician Almond Cake (Dessert recipe)
added on Mar 14, 2008
tags: almond, bake, butter, cake, christmas, cinnamon, cookies, dessert, easter, egg, galician, nut, party, spanish
Desserts Kulich (Dessert recipe)
added on Mar 19, 2008
tags: almond, bake, baking, bread, butter, currants, dairy, dessert, easter, egg, european, kulich, nut, party, raisins, russian, sherry, yeast
Main Dish Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves) (Main Dish recipe)
added on Apr 4, 2008
tags: dolma, grape, greek, healthy, leaves, main, rice, stuffed, turkish, vegan, vegetarian
Meat Honey-Apple Pork Chops (Meat recipe)
added on Jul 12, 2008
tags: american, chops, christmas, easter, european, grill, honey-apple, juice, lemon, main, meat, party, pork
Poultry Chicken Tikka Masala (Poultry recipe)
added on Jul 22, 2008
tags: chicken, grill, healthy, indian, main, masala, party, poultry, tikka, vegetable
Pasta Pasta Limone (Pasta recipe)
added on Dec 27, 2008
tags: cheese, dairy, egg, european, french, fruit, healthy, italian, limone, main, party, pasta
Appetizers Crab Dip (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 6, 2009
tags: appetizer, cheese, crab, crabmeat, cream, dip, horseradish
Desserts Blackberry Valentines (Dessert recipe)
added on Jan 28, 2009
tags: american, blackberry, cake, cream, dairy, dessert, fruit, party, valentine
Breakfast Arroz Con Leche (Breakfast recipe)
added on May 6, 2009
tags: arroz, breakfast, con, leche, mexican, pudding, rice, side-dish
Fish Citrus Baked Halibut (Fish recipe)
added on Nov 5, 2010
tags: baked, citrus, fish, garlic, halibut, healthy, lemon, orange, parsley, party
Desserts Raspberry Lemonade Pie (Dessert recipe)
added on Aug 4, 2009
tags: dessert, frozen, gelatin, honey, lemonade, philadelphia, pie, raspberries, summer
Fish Barbecue Salmon (Fish recipe)
added on Sep 23, 2009
tags: american, barbecue, european, fish, healthy, main, salmon, summer
Poultry Christmas Goose (Poultry recipe)
added on Dec 12, 2009
tags: american, bake, christmas, european, goose, main, maple, party, poultry, syrup, xmas
Appetizers Spinach Feta Dip (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 8, 2010
tags: appetizer, cheese, cottage, dip, feta, party, snack, spinach, vegetable
Side Dish Zucchini cannelloni (Side Dish recipe)
added on Jul 28, 2010
tags: bake, cannelloni, cheese, european, healthy, italian, main, pasta, side, summer, vegetable, zucchini
Main Dish Dried Eggplant Dolma (Kuru Dolma) (Main Dish recipe)
added on Sep 23, 2010
tags: beef, bulgur, dolma, dried, eggplant, healthy, kuru, main, rice, sumac, tomato, turkish, vegetable
Meat Roast Lamb (Meat recipe)
added on Sep 25, 2010
tags: garlic, lamb, main, meat, party, potato, roast, spanish, white-wine, wine
Pasta Homemade Buckwheat Soba (Pasta recipe)
added on Oct 7, 2010
tags: buckwheat, diet, economic, gluten-free, healthy, homemade, noodles, pasta, soba
Poultry Turkey Brine (Poultry recipe)
added on Oct 15, 2010
tags: american, brine, christmas, honey, juice, lemon, main, maple, orange, party, poultry, syrup, thanksgiving, turkey
Main Dish Tabouli (Main Dish recipe)
added on Nov 22, 2010
tags: alfalfa, bell-pepper, bulgur, cucumber, main, parsley, red-pepper, scallions, tabouli
Soups Pumpkin Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Nov 26, 2010
tags: american, easy, economic, healthy, light, pumpkin, soup, vegetable, winter
Casserole Broccoli Casserole (Casserole recipe)
added on Dec 9, 2010
tags: broccoli, carrot, casserole, healthy, mushroom, nutritional, onion, potato, rice, tofu, vegan, vegetarian, yeast
Poultry Syrian chicken Shish Kebab (Poultry recipe)
added on Dec 10, 2010
tags: allspice, breasts, chicken, eastern, garlic, grill, kebab, main, party, poultry, rice, shish, syrian, vegetable
Pasta Chicken Vermicelli (Pasta recipe)
added on Jan 17, 2011
tags: asian, boil, cabbage, chicken, eastern, healthy, napa, noodles, oyster, pasta, sauce, soy, vermicelli
Appetizers Easy Hummus (Appetizer recipe)
added on Jan 20, 2011
tags: appetizer, chickpeas, cumin, eastern, easy, healthy, hummus, lemon, parsley, tahini, vitamin
Sauces Cayenne Pepper Sauce (Sauce recipe)
added on Feb 13, 2011
tags: apple, cayenne, cider, hot, juice, lemon, paste, pepper, sauce, tomato, vinegar
Fish Fried Trout with Mint and Garlic Stuffing (Fish recipe)
added on Feb 14, 2011
tags: fish, fried, garlic, lemon, mint, paprika, stuffing, trout
Snacks Chipotle Hummus (Snack recipe)
added on Feb 21, 2011
tags: beans, chipotle, cumin, garbanzo, hummus, lemon, mexican, oil, olive, party, seed, sesame, snack, starter, tahini
Appetizers Basic Hummus (Appetizer recipe)
added on Feb 24, 2011
tags: appetizer, basic, beans, cayenne, chick, garbanzo, hummus, iron, paste, peas, pepper, seed, sesame, tahini, vitamin
Pasta Vegan Mac Daddy (Pasta recipe)
added on Mar 1, 2011
tags: buddhist, mac-daddy, macaroni, pasta, thyme, tofu, turmeric, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian, yeast
Pasta Anchovy Pasta (Pasta recipe)
added on Mar 2, 2011
tags: anchovies, anchovy, chilli, fish, flakes, italian, lemon, parsley, pasta, zest
Cookies Oat Bran Cookies (Cookie recipe)
added on Mar 22, 2011
tags: bake, bran, cookies, dairy, healthy, lemon, oat, oat-bran, vanilla, zest
Lunch Aloo Gobi (Lunch recipe)
added on Apr 8, 2011
tags: aloo, cauliflower, cumin, garam, gobi, indian, lunch, masala, peas, potato, punjabi, turmeric
Lunch Syrian Hummus (Lunch recipe)
added on Jul 14, 2011
tags: chickpeas, eastern, hummus, lunch, meat, syrian
Salads Greek Orzo Pasta Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Jul 19, 2011
tags: artichoke, cheese, cucumber, feta, greek, kalamata, olives, orzo, pasta, pitted, red-onion, salad
Desserts Topfenstrudel (Dessert recipe)
added on Jul 20, 2011
tags: bake, cheese, dessert, german, healthy, raisins, strudel, topfen, topfenstrudel
Pasta Garlic Pasta (Pasta recipe)
added on Jul 28, 2011
tags: cheese, fettuccine, garlic, italian, lemon, linguine, nutmeg, parmesan, pasta
Lunch Zahara (Lunch recipe)
added on Jul 31, 2011
tags: cauliflower, cilantro, lunch, syrian, vegan, zahara
Fish Grilled Bonito Fish (Fish recipe)
added on Aug 7, 2011
tags: bonito, fish, garlic, grill, grilled, oil, olive, oregano, party, seafood, turkish
Pasta Macaroni Grill Chicken (Pasta recipe)
added on Aug 7, 2011
tags: butter, chicken, grill, italian, lemon, macaroni, mushroom, oil, parsley, party, pasta, sauce, white-wine
Desserts Baked Apples (Dessert recipe)
added on Sep 3, 2011
tags: apples, baked, children, cinnamon, dessert, fruit, healthy, maple, nutmeg, syrup, vanilla
Fish Easy Baked Ocean Perch (Fish recipe)
added on Oct 19, 2011
tags: baked, easy, european, fish, healthy, ocean, perch, seafood
Desserts Apple Jam (Dessert recipe)
added on Oct 27, 2011
tags: apple, autumn, cinnamon, dessert, european, fruit, healthy, jam, lemon, microwave
Snacks Stuffed Zucchini Flowers (Snack recipe)
added on Nov 11, 2011
tags: anchovies, basil, flowers, italian, kalamata, olives, ricotta, snack, stuffed, zucchini
Unsorted Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble Muffins (Unsorted recipe)
added on Jan 24, 2012
tags: american, bake, baking, bread, children, winter
Poultry Rabbit Stew (Poultry recipe)
added on Apr 13, 2012
tags: christmas, easter, european, german, hasenpfeffer, healthy, main, party, poultry, rabbit, stew
Bread Nutty Citrus Twirls (Bread recipe)
added on May 25, 2012
tags: american, bake, bread, dessert., dough, new, recipe, rhodes, spring
Fish Swedish Pickled Herring (Fish recipe)
added on Jun 7, 2012
tags: european, fish, herring, marinade, party, pickled, starter, swedish
Poultry Turkey Tonnato (Poultry recipe)
added on Jul 17, 2012
tags: anchovy, capers, dish, fillets, healthy, italian, meat, party, poultry, tonnato, turkey, vitello
Bread CinnaBerry Bread (Bread recipe)
added on Jul 30, 2012
tags: american, bake, baking, berry, bread, cinna, cinnamon, new, recipe, rhodes, summer
Main Dish Asparagus Potato Leek Ragout (Main Dish recipe)
added on Aug 5, 2012
tags: american, asparagus, healthy, leek, main, mushrooms, potato, ragout, vegetable
Desserts King Cake (Dessert recipe)
added on Oct 25, 2012
tags: bake, baking, cake, dairy, dessert, egg, halloween, irish, king, nutmeg, party
Meat Grilled Lemon-Garlic Elk Steaks (Meat recipe)
added on Apr 15, 2013
tags: autumn, elk, garlic, grill, grilled, healthy, lemon, main, meat, steaks, summer
Bread Lemon Slices (Bread recipe)
added on May 24, 2013
tags: american, bake, bread, dessert, dinner, dough, family, lemon, new, recipe, rhodes, rolls, slices, spring, week
Lunch Falafel Wraps (Lunch recipe)
added on Aug 24, 2013
tags: arab, beans, chickpeas, eastern, egypt, falafel, falafels, harissa, healthy, lemon, lunch, turkish, vegan, vegetarian, wraps
Bread Apple Dumplings (Bread recipe)
added on Sep 27, 2013
tags: apple, bread, cinnamon, delicous, dinner, dumplings, fall, lemon, lime, recipe, rhodes, rolls, soda, sugar
Appetizers Olivier salad (Appetizer recipe)
added on Dec 13, 2013
tags: appetizer, chicken, christmas, easter, european, mayonnaise, olivier, party, salad, starter, vegetable
Desserts Lemon Tarts (Dessert recipe)
added on Apr 27, 2015
tags: baking, bread, curd, dessert, dinner, lemon, rhodes, roll, tarts
Desserts Christstollen (Dessert recipe)
added on Dec 12, 2011
tags: almonds, christmas, christstollen, dessert, european, german, lemon, party, rum, vanilla, xmas