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Pastetli recipe (Pie)

some   Puff Pastry shells
4 cups chickenbreast diced
some   mushrooms
1 pint half and half
some   white wine
1   small onion
1   clove of garlic
some   brown gravy mix (powder)
1   lemon
1   bunch of fresh parsely

Posted by Art99 on Mar 17, 2008


Spice chicken (lemon pepper or regl. pepper, paprika, chicken seasoning, add quartered onion and 1 clove of garlic quartered) - set aside

Chop parsley. Wash the mushrooms with a soft sponge, cut the to desired size - spice with lemon pepper, seasoning salt for vegis - dice together with half the parsley, add juice from halve a lemon - dice a little longer and set aside

Put puff pastry shells on baking sheet and bake for 20 -25 Min. Have desired vegetable (for side dish) ready and cook

Fry the marinated chicken, add gravy mix, stir, add 1 to to dl of white wine and same amount of water, cook a little longer - add the prepared mushrooms - if the sauce is to thin at this point you might want to add a little bit of flour- now add the half and half, at this point add some salt and possible more seasoning to get the desired taste. Set everything aside to finish the rest of the meal.

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