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Syrup recipes

Whole milk, flour, maple syrup, egg yolks, whipped cream, baked 8-inch pie shell, egg whites, granulated sugar, and some salt are used to cook Maple Syrup Pie pie syrup recipe.
Pie syrup recipes added by Art99 on Mar 24, 2008
Dessert syrup recipe Crusty Apple Cobbler is made with rhodes french crusty rolls thawed, butter melted, can apple pie filling, can sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup if desired.
Dessert syrup recipes added by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv on Oct 3, 2014
Rhubarb Crisp is a dessert syrup recipe created of thinly sliced rhubarb, sugar, chopped peeled apple, ground cinnamon, instant tapioca, flour, old-fashioned rolled oats, packed dark brown sugar, chopped pecans, butter, pure maple syrup, and some salt.
Dessert syrup recipes added by Caroline on May 10, 2012
Baked Apples is a dessert syrup recipe created of large apples, water, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice, vanilla, and maple syrup.
Dessert syrup recipes added by Vireja69 on Sep 3, 2011
Turkey, gallons hot water, pepper, bay leaves, salt, honey, maple syrup, orange juice, and lemon juice are used to cook Turkey Brine poultry syrup recipe.
Poultry syrup recipes added by Joan2007 on Oct 15, 2010
Christmas Goose is a poultry syrup recipe created of goose, lemon juice, pure maple syrup, and stuffing mix.
Poultry syrup recipes added by Caroline on Dec 12, 2009
Main Dish
Pork Tenderloin In Bourbon is a main dish syrup recipe created of lean pork tenderloin, fine bourbon, maple syrup, ketchup, water, fresh nutmeg, fresh ginger, ground black pepper, ground garlic, and salt.
Main dish syrup recipes added by Kristine on Feb 24, 2008
For Cactus Coolers you will need scoop ice, prickly pear syrup, chablis wine, and 7-up to make this drink syrup recipe.
Drink syrup recipes added by MayLoL on Feb 17, 2008