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Moroccan recipes

For Papaya Platter Salad you will need fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey, salt, cayenne pepper, ripe medium papaya, seedless orange, ripe peaches peeled and sliced thin, watercress leaves, moroccan dry cured olives chopped for garnish, blackberries for garnish, and some crumpled stilton cheese for garnish to make this dessert moroccan recipe.
Dessert moroccan recipes added by MollyDD on Aug 10, 2008
Pie moroccan recipe Mediterranean Chicken Pie is made with boneless skinless chicken breast diced, extra-virgin olive oil, water-packed artichoke hearts drained, moroccan seasoning or all purpose greek seasoning, dates pitted and finely chopped, reduced-fat feta cheese crumbled, part-skim mozzarella cheese shredded, phyllo dough, and egg beaten for eggwash.
Pie moroccan recipes added by Kristine on Feb 25, 2008