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Bonito recipes

For Grilled Bonito Fish you will need bonito fish, garlic cloves, some olive oil, some pepper and oregano, and juice of 1 lemon to make this fish bonito recipe.
Fish bonito recipes added by Art99 on Aug 7, 2011
Bonito flakes, sake, sugar, soy sauce, sesame seeds, japanese short-grain rice, and water are used to cook Rice with Bonito Flakes fish bonito recipe.
Fish bonito recipes added by MollyDD on Jul 31, 2011
Water, bonito flakes, white/yellow miso, piece kelp, shiitake mushrooms, and tofu are used to cook Miso Soup soup bonito recipe.
Soup bonito recipes added by MollyDD on Mar 18, 2011
For Marmitako you will need tuna or bonito, olive oil, onion chopped, cloves garlic chopped, sweet peppers red and/or green, tomatoes, paprika, some salt and ground black pepper to taste, small chili pepper, potatoes, white wine, and water to make this casserole bonito recipe.
Casserole bonito recipes added by MayLoL on Jun 15, 2008