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Breakfast Apple Cinnamon French Toast (Breakfast recipe)
added on Jan 30, 2008
tags: apple, bake, bread, breakfast, children, cinnamon, dessert, egg, french, fruit, healthy, sweets, toast
Drinks Sangria (Drink recipe)
added on Jan 26, 2008
tags: alcoholic, berries, beverage, drink, fruit, party, sangria, spanish, summer, summertime
Drinks Amaretto Sunset (Drink recipe)
added on Feb 28, 2008
tags: alcoholic, amaretto, apple, beer, cider, drink, european, halloween, ice, jigger, party, sec, sunset, triple, triple-sec
Bread Apple Biscotti (Bread recipe)
added on Mar 27, 2008
tags: apple, bake, baking, biscotti, bread, christmas, cookies, dairy, dessert, easter, healthy, italian, party
Drinks Warm Sipper (Drink recipe)
added on Jun 5, 2008
tags: american, breakfast, drink, european, fruit, healthy, non-alcoholic, sipper, summer, warm
Main Dish Pork Sweet Potatoes (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jul 6, 2008
tags: american, chops, christmas, easter, european, healthy, main, meat, pork, potatoes, sweet, sweet-potato, vegetable
Meat Honey-Apple Pork Chops (Meat recipe)
added on Jul 12, 2008
tags: american, chops, christmas, easter, european, grill, honey-apple, juice, lemon, main, meat, party, pork
Desserts Caramel Apple Pie (Dessert recipe)
added on Jul 8, 2009
tags: american, bake, dessert, fruit, party
Drinks The Pinkerton Cocktail (Drink recipe)
added on Aug 15, 2009
tags: alcoholic, american, christmas, cocktail, drink, fruit, gin, halloween, party, pinkerton
Appetizers Savory Stuffing (Appetizer recipe)
added on Nov 16, 2009
tags: appetizer, bake, basil, cheese, entree, hot, parsley, rhodes, rolls, sausage, savory, spicy, stick, stuffing, sugar, sweet, thyme, tomato
Desserts Scrumptious Apple-Pecan Cheesecake (Dessert recipe)
added on Feb 9, 2010
tags: apples, bake, best, cheese, cheesecake, cinnamon, cream, dessert, ever, pecan, vanilla
Soups Seafood Stew (Soup recipe)
added on May 2, 2010
tags: calvados, christmas, fish, french, healthy, parsley, seafood, soup, stew, stock
Side Dish Baked Yams & Apples with Maple glaze (Side Dish recipe)
added on Nov 22, 2010
tags: apples, baked, cider, glaze, maple, side, yams
Side Dish Herbed Apple Dressing (Side Dish recipe)
added on Nov 22, 2010
tags: apple, celery, dressing, herbed, sage, side, thyme
Sauces Cayenne Pepper Sauce (Sauce recipe)
added on Feb 13, 2011
tags: apple, cayenne, cider, hot, juice, lemon, paste, pepper, sauce, tomato, vinegar
Desserts Bavarian Pasta Strudel (Dessert recipe)
added on Feb 14, 2011
tags: apple, bavarian, cinnamon, dessert, filling, german, healthy, party, pasta, raisins, strudel, walnuts
Lunch Cheese Fondue with Crusty Rolls (Lunch recipe)
added on Jan 25, 2012
tags: american, bake, baking, bread, cheese, healthy, lunch, winter
Desserts Rhubarb Crisp (Dessert recipe)
added on May 10, 2012
tags: american, apple, bake, baking, cinnamon, crisp, dessert, easter, healthy, oats, party, rhubarb, syrup, tapioca
Bread Apple Dumplings (Bread recipe)
added on Sep 27, 2013
tags: apple, bread, cinnamon, delicous, dinner, dumplings, fall, lemon, lime, recipe, rhodes, rolls, soda, sugar