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Meat Farikal (Meat recipe)
added on Jan 9, 2008
tags: european, farikal, healthy, lamb, main, meat, norway
Salads Cabbage Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Feb 1, 2008
tags: cabbage, celery, european, green-pepper, healthy, onion, pepper, salad, starter, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian
Side Dish Cabbage Pie (Side Dish recipe)
added on Feb 10, 2008
tags: bake, cabbage, cheese, european, margarine, microwave, oregano, parmesan, pie, roast, side, tomato, vegetable
Meat Corned Beef and Cabbage (Meat recipe)
added on Feb 10, 2008
tags: american, apples, beef, cabbage, celery, corned, day, irish, main, meat, onion, orange, patrick, roast, vegetable
Lunch Irish Egg Rolls (Lunch recipe)
added on Feb 10, 2008
tags: american, beef, cabbage, carrot, corned, egg, european, fry, healthy, irish, lunch, main, onion, potato, roll, rolls, vegetable, wrappers
Soups Mutton Broth (Soup recipe)
added on Mar 13, 2008
tags: barley, broth, cabbage, carrot, irish, lamb, lunch, main, meat, mutton, onion, pearl, soup, turnip, vegetable
Main Dish Cabbage Dolma (Main Dish recipe)
added on Apr 6, 2008
tags: bake, cabbage, dolma, eastern, healthy, lunch, main, rice, vegetable
Side Dish Colcannon (Side Dish recipe)
added on Apr 27, 2008
tags: colcannon, healthy, ireland, irish, lunch, patrick, side, side-dish, soymilk, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian
Poultry Chicken & Cabbage (Poultry recipe)
added on Oct 26, 2008
tags: autumn, cabbage, chicken, poultry
Lunch Posna Sarma (Lunch recipe)
added on Sep 23, 2010
tags: cabbage, celery, dolma, european, greek, healthy, lunch, main, posna, rice, sarma, serbian, turkish, vegetable
Soups Portuguese Bean Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Oct 11, 2010
tags: basil, bean, beef, bones, broth, cabbage, carrot, economic, ham, healthy, macaroni, portuguese, sausages, soup
Soups Cabbage Soup (Soup recipe)
added on Nov 13, 2010
tags: boil, cabbage, cheap, diet, easy, healthy, lose-weight, low-calorie, soup, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian
Casserole Cabbage Casserole (Casserole recipe)
added on Nov 17, 2010
tags: cabbage, casserole, garlic, herbs, rice, sauce, side-dish, tomato, vegan, vegetarian
Salads Red Cabbage Salad (Salad recipe)
added on Nov 21, 2010
tags: cabbage, entree, honey, juice, parsley, red, rice, salad, starter, vegetable, vinegar, vitamin, zucchini
Side Dish Braised Cabbage (Side Dish recipe)
added on Nov 29, 2010
tags: braised, cabbage, carrot, cheap, healthy, side, side-dish, vegetable, vitamin
Pasta Chicken Vermicelli (Pasta recipe)
added on Jan 17, 2011
tags: asian, boil, cabbage, chicken, eastern, healthy, napa, noodles, oyster, pasta, sauce, soy, vermicelli
Main Dish Grilled Cashew Chicken Wraps (Main Dish recipe)
added on Jul 22, 2014
tags: american, baking, bread, cashew, chicken, cooking, dish, grilled, main, nuts, rhodes, savory, snack, summer, wraps
Soups Ukrainian Red Borscht (Soup recipe)
added on Nov 16, 2014
tags: beets, boil, borscht, carrot, european, healthy, main, onion, red, soup, ukrainian, vegetable