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Cajun recipes

Best Cajun recipes - easy Cajun recipes - healthy Cajun recipes

Poultry cajun recipe Cajun Chicken with Chunky Salsa is made with chicken breast fillets, cloves garlic crushed, fresh oregano finely chopped, olive oil, sweet paprika, black pepper cracked, dried chilli flakes, some salt, tomatoes chopped coarsely, green capsicum chopped coarsely, small red onion chopped coarsely, lime juice, fresh coriander chopped coarsely, and olive oil.
Poultry cajun recipes added by RiVD on Mar 18, 2011
Fettuccine, butter or margarine, carrots julienned, zucchini julienned, shrimp peeled and deveined, smoked sausage 1/4 inch slices, half and half, shredded parmesan cheese divided, and cajun or creole seasoning plus additional for garnish are used to cook Cajun Fettuccine pasta cajun recipe.
Pasta cajun recipes added by MayLoL on Jun 15, 2008
Carolina Catfish Sandwiches is a lunch cajun recipe created of catfish fillets, french bread sandwich rolls, cabbage-and-carrot coleslaw, yellow cornmeal, light coleslaw dressing, all-purpose flour, butter, and cajun seasoning.
Lunch cajun recipes added by RiVD on Feb 22, 2011
Fish cajun recipe Tuna Medley with Roasted Vegetables is made with tuna chunks in brine drained, mushrooms, potatoes, olive oil, large courgette, medium yellow pepper deseeded, small aubergine, tomatoes chopped, sundried tomatoes, cloves garlic, sachet spice mix cajun potato wedge schwartz, and chillies very lazy.
Fish cajun recipes added by RiVD on Feb 16, 2011

Best Cajun dishes - easy Cajun dishes - healthy Cajun dishes

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