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Cheese recipes

Appetizer cheese recipe Red Potato Focaccia is made with rhodes™ dinner rolls thawed and risen, medium size red potatoes washed & thinly sliced, rosemary, olive oil divided, and garlic salt.
Appetizer cheese recipes added by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv on Jul 13, 2009
Pasta cheese recipe Champagne Shrimp and Pasta is made with angel hair pasta, champagne, shrimp, heavy cream, fresh mushrooms sliced, fresh parsley chopped, minced shallots, some salt, extra virgin olive oil, and some parmesan cheese.
Pasta cheese recipes added by Irene on Jan 29, 2009
Softened cream cheese, crabmeat, ketchup, minced onion, chopped parsley, honey, horseradish, and lemon juice are used to cook Crab Dip appetizer cheese recipe.
Appetizer cheese recipes added by Giftgirl352 on Jan 6, 2009
Pasta cheese recipe Pasta Limone is made with small nests tagilatelle egg noodles, some salt, whipping cream, some juice and zest of 1 lemon, egg yolk beaten with 1/4 cup whipping cream, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and butter.
Pasta cheese recipes added by Joan2007 on Dec 27, 2008
Pasta cheese recipe Pasta Florentine is made with dry pasta such as penne or ziti, medium zucchini cut into strips, red bell peppers cut into strips, mushrooms sliced, chopped green onions, cloves minced garlic, butter or margarine, chopped tomatoes, flour, milk, chicken broth, nutmeg, 10 oz. packages frozen chopped spinach thawed drained, and grated parmesan cheese.
Pasta cheese recipes added by Joan2007 on Dec 27, 2008
For Charleston Breakfast Casserole you will need slices bacon, butter melted, croutons, grated cheddar cheese, egs, milk, bell pepper diced, prepared mustard, and some salt and pepper to taste to make this casserole cheese recipe.
Casserole cheese recipes added by RiVD on Dec 25, 2008
Buttermilk baking mix, smoked ham, sharp cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, spicy brown mustard, and milk are used to cook Christmas Ham Balls meat cheese recipe.
Meat cheese recipes added by RiVD on Dec 15, 2008
Cookie cheese recipe Easy Christmas Swirl Brownies is made with cake style brownie mix, vanilla extract, cream, cream cheese, sugar, and bag m&ms holiday edition.
Cookie cheese recipes added by Joan2007 on Dec 4, 2008
Velveeta Salsa Dip is a sauce cheese recipe created of velveeta cheese spread, salsa or picante sauce, and cilantro.
Sauce cheese recipes added by Art99 on Nov 29, 2008
Main Dish
For Roasted Vegetable Lasagna you will need eggplant sliced into 1/4 inch rounds, medium fresh mushrooms cut into 1/4 inch slices, small zucchini cut lengthwise into 1/4-inch slices, sweet red pepper cut lenthwise into 6 pieces each, olive oil, clove garlic minced, salt, pepper, reduced-fat ricotta cheese, grated parmesan cheese, egg substitute, meatless spaghetti sauce, no-boil lasagna noodles, shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, and minced fresh basil to make this main dish cheese recipe.
Main dish cheese recipes added by Irene on Oct 11, 2008
For Mexican Baked Fish you will need cod, salsa, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, coarsely crushed corn chips, avocado - peeled pitted and sliced, and sour cream to make this fish cheese recipe.
Fish cheese recipes added by Irene on Sep 6, 2008
Chopped onion, butter or margarine, all-purpose flour, salt, some pepper, water, fresh mushrooms sliced, chopped celery, diced peeled potatoes, chopped carrots, light cream, and grated parmesan cheese are used to cook Mushroom and Potato Chowder soup cheese recipe.
Soup cheese recipes added by Irene on Sep 6, 2008
Shredded cheddar cheese, grated parmesan cheese, small onion chopped, egg, ketchup, worcestershire sauce, salt, some pepper, ground beef, and slices bacon are used to cook Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers lunch cheese recipe.
Lunch cheese recipes added by Irene on Aug 26, 2008
For Papaya Platter Salad you will need fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey, salt, cayenne pepper, ripe medium papaya, seedless orange, ripe peaches peeled and sliced thin, watercress leaves, moroccan dry cured olives chopped for garnish, blackberries for garnish, and some crumpled stilton cheese for garnish to make this dessert cheese recipe.
Dessert cheese recipes added by MollyDD on Aug 10, 2008
Butter, uncooked long-grain rice, uncooked orzo pasta, sliced fresh mushrooms, chopped onion, minced celery, chicken broth, chopped fresh parsley, dried marjoram, ground black pepper, and chopped toasted hazelnuts are used to cook Hazelnut-Mushroom Pilaf pasta cheese recipe.
Pasta cheese recipes added by MayLoL on Jul 29, 2008
Mexican Quiche is a pie cheese recipe created of unbaked 9-inch frozen deep-dish pie shell, 4 cheese blend, large green or red bell pepper chopped, diced green chiles, large green onions sliced, large eggs lightly beaten, mild salsa, and evaporated milk.
Pie cheese recipes added by MayLoL on Jul 17, 2008
Soup cheese recipe Tortilla Soup is made with corn tortillas, vegetable oil, small onion chopped, cloves garlic finely chopped, medium anaheim poblano or jalapeño chile seeded chopped, carton reduced-sodium chicken broth, muir glen® organic fire roasted diced tomatoes undrained, coarse salt, shredded cooked chicken, ripe medium avocado, shredded monterey jack cheese, some chopped fresh cilantro if desired, and lime cut into wedges.
Soup cheese recipes added by MayLoL on Jul 12, 2008
French Bread Appetizer is a appetizer cheese recipe created of shredded jack cheese, cube cream cheese, butter, egg whites, and 1" cubes french bread.
Appetizer cheese recipes added by MayLoL on Jul 12, 2008
Main Dish
Brazilian Stuffed Eggplant is a main dish cheese recipe created of medium eggplants, cooked ham, hard cooked eggs, tomato sauce, some salt, ground red cayenne pepper, ground white pepper, crumbled dried marjoram, and grated parmesan cheese.
Main dish cheese recipes added by MayLoL on Jul 4, 2008
Pasta cheese recipe Mexican Bowties is made with ground beef, large onion chopped, water, whole kernel corn drained, diced tomatoes undrained, envelopes dry taco seasoning mix, and bow-tie pasta.
Pasta cheese recipes added by Irene on Jun 29, 2008