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Aubergine recipes

Fish aubergine recipe Tuna Medley with Roasted Vegetables is made with tuna chunks in brine drained, mushrooms, potatoes, olive oil, large courgette, medium yellow pepper deseeded, small aubergine, tomatoes chopped, sundried tomatoes, cloves garlic, sachet spice mix cajun potato wedge schwartz, and chillies very lazy.
Fish aubergine recipes added by RiVD on Feb 16, 2011
Rabbit, chopped onion, chopped cloves garlic, sliced carrots, eggplant/aubergine roughly chopped, sliced large mushrooms, chopped tomato, fresh pears, chopped stalks of celery, cinammon stick, chilli flakes, bay leaves, dry white wine, some olive oil, and some salt and pepper are used to cook Mediterranean Rabbit Stew casserole aubergine recipe.
Casserole aubergine recipes added by MayLoL on Nov 15, 2010
For Pasta Melanzane you will need pasta, some extra virgin olive oil, aubergines, some garlic, some oregano, fresh tomatoes, and some salt to make this pasta aubergine recipe.
Pasta aubergine recipes added by Margo on Dec 28, 2008