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Blue recipes

Red Hot and Roka Blue Chicken Salad is a salad blue recipe created of kraft roka blue cheese dressing.
Salad blue recipes added by Search4goodfood on Aug 24, 2009
Pie blue recipe Blue Peep Pie is made with cookie crumb pie crust, four-serving box blue gelatin, boiling water, whole milk, cold but thawed non-dairy whipped topping, curacao or similar blue liqueur, blue peeps, and fresh blueberries for garnish .
Pie blue recipes added by Joan2007 on Feb 9, 2008
For Blue Cheese Potato Salad you will need slices bacon, red new potatoes, olive oil, white vinegar, bunch green onions chopped, salt, ground black pepper, and blue cheese crumbled to make this salad blue recipe.
Salad blue recipes added by Irene on Jan 15, 2008
For Blue Cheese you will need crumbled blue cheese, finely sliced spring onions, eggs, milk, chilli sauce, oil, salt, dash black pepper, self-raising flour, rye flour, and baking powder to make this cookie blue recipe.
Cookie blue recipes added by Irene on Jan 7, 2008
Main Dish
For Personal Buffalo Dip Bowls you will need rhodes warm-n-servΒ™ soft dinner rolls baked according to directions, cream cheese softened, sour cream, buffalo sauce, grated cheddar cheese, and blue cheese crumbles to make this main dish blue recipe.
Main dish blue recipes added by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv on Sep 7, 2010
Appetizer blue recipe Three Cheese Ball is made with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, shredded blue cheese, minced onion, worcestershire sauce, and chopped walnuts.
Appetizer blue recipes added by Giftgirl352 on Jan 6, 2009