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Yakitori recipes

Best Yakitori recipes - easy Japanese Yakitori recipes - healthy Yakitori recipes

Yakitori is a Japanese kind of skewered chicken.
For Yakitori Sauce you will need mirin, soy sauce, sugar, sake, minced clove garlic, some fresh ginger, water, and cornstarch to make this sauce yakitori recipe.
Sauce yakitori recipes added by Art99 on Jul 31, 2011
Chicken Yakitori is a poultry yakitori recipe created of some bamboo skewers, chicken breast, some oil, teriyaki sauce, honey, garlic, and fresh grated ginger.
Poultry yakitori recipes added by Caroline on Jan 20, 2011
Main Dish
Chicken thighs, some japanese leek, soya sauce, some mirin or cake, sugar, some honey, and some small wooden spears are used to cook Yakitori main dish yakitori recipe.
Main dish yakitori recipes added by MollyDD on Sep 2, 2010
Main Dish
Low-salt vegetable stock, sake, soy sauce, mirin or dry sherry, packed brown sugar, seasoned rice vinegar, small garlic cloves thinly sliced, minced fresh ginger, cornstarch, water, pieces yellow crookneck squash, squares red bell pepper, and vegetable oil for brushing are used to cook Mushroom, Red Pepper, and Squash Yakitori main dish yakitori recipe.
Main dish yakitori recipes added by Art99 on Feb 8, 2008

Best Yakitori dishes - easy Yakitori dishes

Yakitori dishes are usually made from several small pieces of chicken meat, skewered on a bamboo skewer and grilled over charcoal.