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Yakitori recipe (Main Dish)

½ lb Chicken thighs
some   Japanese leek
4 tablespoons Soya sauce
some   Mirin or cake
2 tablespoons Sugar
some   Honey
some   Small wooden spears

Posted by MollyDD on Sep 2, 2010


Mix together soya sauce, sugar, a little bit of honey or maple syrup, a little bit of mirin and water, and heat it up until it's homogenous.
Cut the chicken thighs into about 3x2x2cm large pieces. Put the chicken pieces into the sauce, and let it stand for a while.
Cut the leek or green onions in about 3 cm long pieces. Spear three or four pieces of chicken and some leek on each wooden stick and grill them.

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It is especially delicious with some hot sake
Written by Caroline on Sep 2, 2010
After work Yakitori is very popular dish in Japanese kitchen.
Written by MayLoL on Sep 2, 2010

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