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Wasabi recipes

Best Wasabi recipes - easy Wasabi recipes - healthy Wasabi recipes

Fish wasabi recipe Wasabi Mayo Salmon is made with salmon fillet, mayonnaise, wasabi powder, and bag yukon gold potato chips crushed.
Fish wasabi recipes added by Caroline on Feb 7, 2008
Side Dish
For Wasabi Mashed Potatoes you will need potatoes peeled, cream cheese, butter, some salt, and wasabi to make this side dish wasabi recipe.
Side dish wasabi recipes added by MayLoL on Jan 12, 2008
Snack wasabi recipe Oriental Snack Mix is made with corn chex cereal, bugles original corn snacks, chow mein noodles, wasabi peas, salted peanuts, pretzel sticks, chow mein oriental seasoning mix, butter, soy sauce, and garlic powder.
Snack wasabi recipes added by RiVD on Feb 15, 2011
Lunch wasabi recipe Sushi rolls is made with japanese short-grain rice, cold water, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, some sushi roll fillings, sheets nori, some japanese soy sauce, some pickled ginger, and some wasabi paste.
Lunch wasabi recipes added by RiVD on Jul 15, 2009