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Sushi recipes

Lunch sushi recipe Sushi rolls is made with japanese short-grain rice, cold water, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, some sushi roll fillings, sheets nori, some japanese soy sauce, some pickled ginger, and some wasabi paste.
Lunch sushi recipes added by RiVD on Jul 15, 2009
Sumeshi, sheets nori, small avocado, sashimi-grade tuna, sriracha sauce, small cucumber, tobiko, fried onions, and black sesame seeds are used to cook Red Dragon Roll lunch sushi recipe.
Lunch sushi recipes added by Joan2007 on Jul 17, 2009
For Spicy Tuna Roll you will need sushi rice, white sesame seeds, sheets nori, fresh maguro, mayonnaise, and togarashi to make this lunch sushi recipe.
Lunch sushi recipes added by Kristine on Jul 15, 2009