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Shoots recipes

For Duck Soup with Dried Bamboo Shoots you will need lean duck, dried bamboo shoots, jinhua ham, slices ginger, shaoxing wine, spring onion, dried bamboo leaf, and some salt to make this soup shoots recipe.
Soup shoots recipes added by Art99 on Nov 5, 2010
For Stir-fried bacon with bamboo shoot you will need red chillies, fresh bamboo shoots, groundnut oil or lard for frying, smoked bacon, finely chopped garlic, dried red chilli flakes, light soy sauce, handful chives preferably chinese or spring onion greens, and sesame oil to make this breakfast shoots recipe.
Breakfast shoots recipes added by Irene on Jul 25, 2009
For Shrimp Won-Ton you will need raw shelled shrimp, rice wine, salt, cornstarch, bamboo shoot diced, ginger root, and won ton skins to make this lunch shoots recipe.
Lunch shoots recipes added by Caroline on Feb 6, 2008