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Root recipes

Poultry root recipe Winter Chicken is made with chicken cut into quarters, fennel, celery root, endive, butter, onion, some salt, chicken stock, and cream.
Poultry root recipes added by Art99 on Nov 17, 2010
For Shrimp Won-Ton you will need raw shelled shrimp, rice wine, salt, cornstarch, bamboo shoot diced, ginger root, and won ton skins to make this lunch root recipe.
Lunch root recipes added by Caroline on Feb 6, 2008
Main Dish
Soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, slices fresh ginger root, cloves garlic crushed, and skinless boneless chicken breast halves are used to cook Grilled Asian Chicken main dish root recipe.
Main dish root recipes added by Irene on Feb 5, 2008