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Cornstarch recipes

For Shrimp Won-Ton you will need raw shelled shrimp, rice wine, salt, cornstarch, bamboo shoot diced, ginger root, and won ton skins to make this lunch cornstarch recipe.
Lunch cornstarch recipes added by Caroline on Feb 6, 2008
Main Dish
Vegetable oil, round steak cut into thin strips on the diagonal, orange peel cut into slivers, garlic minced, ground ginger, cornstarch, beef broth, soy sauce, sherry, orange marmalade, and crushed red pepper flakes are used to cook Spicy Orange Beef main dish cornstarch recipe.
Main dish cornstarch recipes added by Irene on Feb 5, 2008
Cumin Roast Lamb is a meat cornstarch recipe created of leg of lamb fat trimmed off, olive oil, ground cumin, garlic salt, potatoes peeled and cut in quarters, sweet potatoes peeled and cut in halves, cornstarch, and cold water.
Meat cornstarch recipes added by Margo on Jan 30, 2008
cream cheese, white sugar, cornstarch, eggs, sour cream, melted butter, vanilla extract, orange extract, lemon juice, almond extract, amaretto liqueur, crushed macaroon cookies, and melted butter are used to cook Amaretto Cheesecake pie cornstarch recipe.
Pie cornstarch recipes added by Kristine on Jan 26, 2008
Light soy sauce, chinese rice wine or dry sherry, ginger freshly grated, egg whites beaten, ground almonds, rice flour, cornstarch, wheat flour, sesame seeds, peanut oil for deep-frying, and chicken wings are used to cook Almond Wings appetizer cornstarch recipe.
Appetizer cornstarch recipes added by MayLoL on Jan 2, 2008