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Bruschetta recipe (Appetizer)

1   loaf french bread, the fresher the better
6   cloves garlic
¼ cups olive oil, the kind with some flavor
6   roma tomatoes, a.k.a. plum or italian tomatoes
½ cups shredded fresh parmesan cheese
4 teaspoons dried oregano
2 teaspoons dried basil

Posted by RiVD on Jan 8, 2008


Slice the bread lengthwise once and cut each half in half the short way. Process the garlic and olive oil in a mini chopper until it is blended (15 seconds) and brush it on the open faces of the four bread pieces.

Slice the tomatoes into rounds, silver dollar thick, and cover the bread. Sprinkle the oregano and basil evenly over the four pieces and then do the same with the cheese. Cook on a cookie sheet or foil under the broiler until the cheese melts and the edges of the bread just start to brown (5-15 minutes, depends on the oven).

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I'll definitely be making this again.
Written by Irene on Jan 16, 2008

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