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Italian Fish Soup recipe (Soup)

500 g cuttle fish
500 g octopuses
300 g fresh dogfish
500 g fish for soup
500 g shellfish (mussels, clams)
500 g sea crawfish, shrimps, Norway lobsters
½ cups White wine
1 tablespoon tomato concentrate
1   olive oil, garlic, sage, chilli
12   slices of roasted bread, seasoned with garlic and pepper

Posted by Joan2007 on Jan 5, 2008


Put on the fire a casserole with on the bottom the olive oil, garlic, sage and chili. Fry slightly. Then put in octopuses and cuttle-fish (cut to pieces), sprinkle with white wine, add the tomato concentrate and cook for 20 minutes, mixing. Gradually add the fishes for soup and the cut dogfish.

The heads of the fishes would better be cooked in broth with aromatic herbs, slightly minces and passed through a strainer. The result, fairly dense, poured in the casserole, would increase substance and taste to the 'Cacciucco'.

Follow the cooking with medium-strength fire. When the octopus and the cuttle-fish have become tender, add the crustaceans and the shellfish. Go ahead for another 6-7 minutes until mussels and clams open their shells. The bread rubbed with garlic and toasted, will be placed on the bottom of the soup-plate. With a big ladle distribute fish and juice from the casserole in suitable portions.

Serve accompanied with red wine.

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