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Bonito is a name given to various species of medium-sized, predatory fish of the genus Sarda, in the mackerel family, including the common or Atlantic bonito (Sarda sarda) and the Pacific bonito (Sarda chiliensis lineolata).
More generally, bonito can refer to any of various scombroid fishes related to but smaller than tuna.
In Japanese cuisine outside Japan, "bonito" usually refers to the skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), which is known as katsuo in Japan. This fish is smoked and dried to make katsuobushi, an important ingredient in making dashi (Japanese fish stock), used extensively in Japanese cuisine.
Published by MollyDD on Mar 18, 2011


Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) is dried and smoked bonito (skipjack tuna). It is a key ingredient in Japanese cooking
Written by Art99 on Mar 18, 2011
I am leaning my practice toward Fusion recipes. I would love to combine Italian with Japanese in a seafood dish. Please post your favorite Japanese seafood recipe. I will be posting it as a challenge at Let's see how it turns out.
Written by Doncalarco on Sep 1, 2011

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