Elk tenderloin with brandy mustard sauce recipe (Meat)


2   elk tenderloins
½ cups sliced mushrooms
1 tablespoon grey poupon mustard
some   sliced bacon
¼ cups diced onion
¼ cups diced bell pepper
½ cups brawn gravy
1   clove garlic
some   thyme
some   pepper

Posted by MayLoL on Nov 6, 2010


Remove silver skin from tenderloins and rub meat with split garlic cloves. Sprinkle lightly with thyme and black pepper. Wrap bacon around tenderloin and use toothpick to secure. Place in hot fry pan and saute until bacon is cooked. Remove from pan and pour off excess grease.
Place onion and bell pepper in pan for 30 seconds, add mushrooms and saute until tender.

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