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Potatoes recipes

For Christmas Potatis Korv you will need ground lean pork, ground lean beef, medium raw potatoes shredded, salt, ground allspice, pepper, and medium onion chopped to make this meat potatoes recipe.
Meat potatoes recipes added by Margo on Dec 5, 2008
Knoephla is a soup potatoes recipe created of chicken broth, medium carrot sliced, medium potatoes diced, some salt and pepper, stalks celery diced opt, butter, flour, salt, egg, and water or milk.
Soup potatoes recipes added by Kristine on Jun 11, 2008
For Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup you will need cubed beef stew meat, water, small onion chopped, can crushed tomatoes, package frozen mixed vegetables, potatoes peeled and cubed, cubes beef bouillon crumbled, ground black pepper, salt, and dried basil to make this soup potatoes recipe.
Soup potatoes recipes added by Kristine on Jan 18, 2008