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Pear recipes

Split Pear Soup is a soup pear recipe created of dry green split peas, polish sausage, qt. water, medium white onion chopped, and carrots chopped into 1/8 inch thick pieces.
Soup pear recipes added by Joan2007 on Mar 4, 2008
Dessert pear recipe Dried Fruit Compote is made with dried fruits, water, whole cloves, sugar, and cinnamon sticks.
Dessert pear recipes added by Kristine on Apr 28, 2013
Lunch pear recipe Indian Tofu is made with firm tofu, canola oil, frozen peas, chopped onion, ginger garlic paste, dried red chiles, thai bird chiles, fire-roasted tomatoes, turmeric powder, garam masala, sugar, red chili powder, sour cream, and plain yogurt.
Lunch pear recipes added by Vireja69 on Nov 30, 2010
Rabbit, chopped onion, chopped cloves garlic, sliced carrots, eggplant/aubergine roughly chopped, sliced large mushrooms, chopped tomato, fresh pears, chopped stalks of celery, cinammon stick, chilli flakes, bay leaves, dry white wine, some olive oil, and some salt and pepper are used to cook Mediterranean Rabbit Stew casserole pear recipe.
Casserole pear recipes added by MayLoL on Nov 15, 2010