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German recipes

Veal cutlets, dijon-style mustard, salt, sugar, white pepper, slices bacon, large hard cooked eggs, vegetable oil, medium onion chopped, beef broth heated, tomato paste, all-purpose flour, and red wine are used to cook Bavarian Veal meat german recipe.
Meat german recipes added by Joan2007 on Feb 26, 2008
Slices rye bread cubed, sauerkraut drained and rinsed, pound deli sliced corned beef cut into strips, russian-style salad dressing, and shredded swiss cheese are used to cook Reuben Casserole casserole german recipe.
Casserole german recipes added by Joan2007 on Feb 10, 2008
Pie german recipe Bavarian Pie is made with baked 9 inch pie shell, egg whites, unflavored gelatine, sugar, heavy cream whipped, salt, nutmeg, egg yolks, heavy cream whipped, milk, some shaved chocolate, and rum.
Pie german recipes added by Joan2007 on Feb 9, 2008