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Atta recipes

Best Atta recipes - easy Atta recipes - healthy Atta recipes

Atta is whole wheat flour made from durum wheat grown across the Indian subcontinent.
Atta Halwa is a snack atta recipe created of ghee, wholemeal flour, sugar, sultanas, cashews, ground cardamom, and water.
Snack atta recipes added by RiVD on Feb 4, 2011
Atta Ladoo is a dessert atta recipe created of atta flour, jaggery, and vanaspati or ghee.
Dessert atta recipes added by RiVD on Feb 4, 2011
Bread atta recipe Gobhi Paratha is made with whole wheat flour, grated cauliflower, some coriander leaves, chopped green chilies, ginger chopped, some salt red chili powder & garam masala as per taste, ajwain, and some butter /oil for frying.
Bread atta recipes added by Art99 on Mar 27, 2008
Side Dish
Chapati atta, jeera, chilli powder, turmeric powder, yoghurt, cooking oil, potato medium sized, and some salt to taste are used to cook Aloo paratha side dish atta recipe.
Side dish atta recipes added by Art99 on Mar 26, 2008

Best Atta dishes - easy Atta dishes - healthy Atta dishes

Atta is the main ingredient of most varieties of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi bread.
All the constituents of the wheat grain are preserved in true wholemeal atta dishes.