Zeppelins recipe (Main Dish)


2 lb raw potatoes
4   cooked potatoes
some   salt and pepper
1   chopped onion
300 g ground meat
some   salt and pepper

Posted by Kristine on Sep 21, 2011


Put raw potato gratings in a double cheese cloth and squeeze dry. Save potato liquid, let potato starch settle at the bottom, decant potato liquid and mix starch with dry potato gratings. Rice boiled potatoes and add to raw grated potatoes, salt and blend well. Take about ½ cup potato mixture and flatten, making a round form. Place a spoonful of filling mixture in center of the round, fold over, seal seam and make into an oblong shape. Put "zeppelins" into boiling water, and cook for about 30 min., stirring gently.
Sauté onion and add to the ground meat. Season with salt, pepper. Blend well.

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