Veal in White Wine recipe (Meat)


1 lb veal cutlets
4 tablespoons butter
¼ cups Parmesan cheese
¼ teaspoons flour
½ teaspoons dry parsley
¼ teaspoons garlic powder
some   pepper
1 cup water
3   beef bouillon cubes
½ cups dry white wine
2 teaspoons flour

Posted by Margo on Feb 2, 2011


Combine grated cheese, flour, parsley, garlic and pepper. Dredge veal cutlets in this mixture. In large skillet, melt butter. Cook meat until brown and tender on both sides. Remove to platter. Add water and bouillon cubes to skillet, scraping brownings from bottom of pan. Simmer for 3 minutes.
Combine wine and flour. Add slowly to skillet. Stir until smooth and thick. Pour sauce over veal.

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