Veal Tongue in Aspic Jelly recipe (Lunch)


1   veal tongue
2   carrots
5   bay leaves
1   celery root
1   onion
some   salt and pepper
Jelly Ingredients:
1 liter broth
40 g jelly swollen
1   sprig marjoram

Posted by RiVD on Apr 28, 2013


Wash tongue carefully, boil with spices and roots, onion for at least 90 min. Peel off the skin, cut in beautiful slices, put slices on the dish and decorate with thin rounds of carrots. Soak jelly in cold boiled water for an hour. Strain broth, add a sprig marjoram, stir in swollen jelly carefully, bring to boil. Pour over on tongue slices very carefully at three goes. Serve with horseradish sauce.

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