Rapee Pie recipe (Pie)


Yield: 10 servings

1   5-pound fowl, cut up
2 teaspoons salt
½ lb finely diced salt pork
3   medium onions
1   medium carrot
15   medium potatoes (about 8 pounds)
1   celery stalk

Posted by MayLoL on Jul 17, 2008


Cook fowl, onions, carrot, celery and salt in water to cover. Bring to boil and skim. Simmer until meat is tender (about 2 ½ hours). Remove skin and bones and cut meat in pieces. Strain broth.

Fry salt pork until crisp. Peel potatoes; grate very fine, or purie in electric blender. Working with about 1 cup of potato at a time, squeeze it in a clean dish towel to remove as much liquid as possible (save liquid). Empty potato into large bowl (at this stage potato feels like snow). Measure liquid and discard; measure an equal amount of chicken broth, bring to boil and gradually stir into potato to mix thoroughly (potato will swell).

Spread a layer of potato mixture in bottom of greased roasting pan (15 x 20 inches) and cover with a layer of chicken. Repeat layers until dish is full, ending with potato. Sprinkle with salt pork. Bake at 400 0F until top starts to brown (30 minutes). Turn oven control to 350 F and continue baking until brown and crusty (2 hours).

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