Posna Sarma recipe (Lunch)


1   cabbage
5   diced onion
2   stalks celery
some   olive oil
1   diced green pepper
oz cooked rice
oz ground walnuts
1 can whole tomatoes
some   salt

Posted by Joan2007 on Sep 23, 2010


Cut out the hard core of the cabbage and boil the cabbage and then separate each leaf. Heat oil in a skillet and add onions, celery and green pepper. Fry until soft. Add the cooked rice and stir fry the mixture for about two minutes. Remove the mixture from heat and add walnuts and salt. Mix well. Take a cabbage leaf and scoop approx. one tablespoon of the mixture on it. Roll up the leaf, the sides should be folded inside to prevent the mixture from falling out. Place the rolls in a large pan, add the tomatoes and enough water to cover them up. Cook over a medium heat for about 1 hour.Switch of the heat and keep the sarma's covered until it's time to eat.

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