Pork Filet recipe (Meat)


Yield: 4 servings

600 g porkfillet
1 teaspoon salt
some   white pepper
2 teaspoons french mustard
1 tablespoon butter
½ teaspoons dried estragon
½ cups boulillon of meat
½ cups cream

Posted by Irene on Jan 12, 2008


At first you cut up the fillet in slices (2 cm thick). Apply salt and pepper, and then put on a thin layer of mustard on one side.

Then you fry them in hot butter until they are nice brown. Apply estragon and put them on a hot plate. Boil the pan out with bullion and apply cream, and let it boil a few minutes. If you want a more tasty sauce, you can add one tablespoon mustard, one teaspoon estragon and a little touch of soya sauce.

Serve with boiled potatoes, and a green salad, or butter damped broccoli. This session takes about ½ hour.

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