Microwave Cauliflower Pick-Ups recipe (Microwave)


1   head cauliflower florets
1/3 cups butter
¼ cups bread crumbs
¼ cups grated Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon tarragon leaves
1 teaspoon paprika
some   salt and pepper

Posted by Kristine on Oct 28, 2010


Wash cauliflower and pat dry. Separate into florets. Microwave butter in a small dish until melted. Combine remaining ingredients in plastic bag. Dip several pieces of cauliflower at a time in butter. Add to crumbs and shake to coat evenly. Repeat with remaining cauliflower.

Arrange in single layer in 12x8" glass baking dish. Microwave, covered, with a paper towel on high for 5 minutes.

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