Kastinys recipe (Lunch)


4 cups sour cream
1 tablespoon butter
½ cups caraway seed
some   salt to taste

Posted by RiVD on Sep 6, 2010


Float an earthenware bowl in a hot water bath, add butter and 1 tablespoon of sour cream at a time. Blend with wooden spoon until sour cream has been added and a white, solid mass is formed. Then add caraway seed and a pinch of salt. Blend the last 2 ingredients well. Place kastinys into small bowls and refrigerate 2-3 hours.

Kastinys is somewhat salty, with a delicate sourness. Its taste depends on the seasonings used (mint, allspice, garlic, poppy seed and onion greens).

Sour cream butter is served with hot boiled potatoes, black bread and cake.

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