GRUMPY SAILOR recipe (Drink)


Yield: 1 Beer Glass

3   Big Icecubes
3   Shots of Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
1   Can of FLAT imitation Mt. Dew

Posted by Stronghold96 on Nov 24, 2009


Get a Beer Glass, preferably the kind stolen from your favorite drinking establishment. Wash it out...or don't...

Fill it with three good sized ice cubes (merely for chilling purposes).

Next, fill the Stolen Beer Glass with some aged Cruzan Rum. I wrote 3 shots, but any REAL Sailor is gonna use more rum than that. Cruzan is the stuff I used to invent it, so it's what gets used for this recipe. Use what you like if it makes you happy, but you'll just be drinking "something else"

Next, yer gonna need some flat imitation Mt. Dew. They don't always have Mt. Dew available on the other side of the world, so an imitation is always best...

Fill the glass up just for coloring purposes, in case the Mrs. has you on a rum ration....

Get drunk, be grumpy with me Grumpy Sailor!

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