Eggplant for Antipasto recipe (Appetizer)


Yield: 1 jar

1   eggplant, the big classic pear shaped type
2   lemons
some   rock salt, to taste
some   red wine vinegar, to taste
some   fresh oregano, to taste
some   fresh garlic, chopped, to taste
some   extra virgin olive oil, to taste
some   fresh parsley, chopped, to taste

Posted by Kristine on Feb 25, 2008


Pick a ripe but firm eggplant from the garden. Wash, peel and then cut into big chunks. Squeeze liberal amounts of lemon over the top then coarsely grate with a cheese grater. Cover immediately with rock salt.

Add more lemon juice which helps stop the eggplant turning brown and put it in the fridge. After 24 hours, remove the eggplant from the rock salt. Do not wash the salt off - just shake off the excess. Cover with red wine vinegar and leave for 24 hours in the fridge.

Strain and leave the eggplant in a colander for a couple of hours to get rid of the moisture. Toss with fresh oregano, raw garlic and olive oil.

Keep aside for a half day and then put into sterilized jars. Needs to have sufficient olive oil to cover all of the eggplant.

This lasts for months. Add parsley just before serving.
Use straight as part of an antipasto platter or make an eggplant sauce by frying in butter as an accompaniment to meat.

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