Cappuccino recipe (Drink)


Yield: 3 cups

3 cups cool water
½ cups very finely ground coffee of choice
some   frozen non-dairy whipped topping, (Cool Whip)

Posted by MayLoL on Feb 17, 2008


Prepare to make coffee using your coffee pot: pour in water, place ground coffee into filter. Place *frozen* whipped topping, to taste for about 3 servings, in bottom of empty carafe. (Original recipe calls for "2-3 oz"). Flip the switch and brew the coffee.

Full pot directions: Make your standard pot of strong coffee in 10-12 cup maker, but add only 8-10 cups water depending on size of carafe. Put the entire 8-oz. tub of frozen whipped topping into the pot.

Variations: Add extracts or flavor syrups of choice to filter basket after adding coffee, or use flavored coffee.

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